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1Malaysiabiolab.com is a premier lab consumables supplier in Malaysia, having contacts with major bio labs and research firms in the world. 1Malaysia Bio lab is also a trusted name in the field of genuine lab consumables in Malaysia and is also a lab consumables provider for government universities and institutions.

With heavy focus on research and developments purposes for Malaysian university researchers and students alike to purchase Scientific Consumables conveniently from the world market with the risk being transferred to the company.

1Malaysia Bio lab prides itself to be a valuable protein supplier, chemical manufacturer, and lab equipment supplier in Malaysia and aims to be a lot more in what we do as lab consumables suppliers based in Malaysia. We are proudly associated with more than 36 bio labs and research firms like Megazyme, Abcam, Artron Bioresearch, Signalway Antibody (SAB), ProSci, Beacle, Genway Biotech and Genewiz.

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May 4, 2020

Covid-19 Research & Development

We at 1Malaysia Bio Lab is fully committed to advancing research around the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV/SARS-CoV-2) outbreak. We carry products from GENEWIZ’s unique DNA sequencing and synthesis solutions to help research institutions in Malaysia to better understand this pandemic virus. Testing kits from Qiagen are also available. Feel free to email us at sales@1malaysia.com or WhatsApp us at 0186668794
October 19, 2020

CMCO Updates

We are open for business as usual. Send us a message/email today for a quote on all your lab consumables needs. We cater for both Malaysian universities and industries looking for lab equipment, consumables and lab apparatus. WhatsApp us now at wa.me/0186668794 Or send us an email at sales@1malaysiabiolab.com
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