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Genway Biotech Protein

Recombinant and native proteins can be used to investigate anything from disease pathways to the identification of protein targets for research applications. Recombinant proteins are created by expressing mammalian or plant genes in bacteria, mammalian, or yeast cells and have a variety of applications. Unlike native proteins, their amino acid sequence is more defined and they can be cultured in large quantities. Native proteins are naturally occuring, purified from either animal tissues or serum. They are sourced from their host rather than expressed in an external system. GenWay offers a wide variety of both recombinant and native proteins and also offer customized expression..
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Cusabio Protein

Over more than 12 years, CUSABIO Protein Expression Platform has established five recombinant expression systems from prokaryotic (E.coli) to eukaryotic (Yeast, mammalian cell and insect baculovirus), and has also built unique in vitro E.coli expression system, which enables us to express transmembrane proteins that are usually quite difficult to express. Furthermore, CUSABIO protein QC department owns a professional technical team, equipped with advanced experimental apparatus, to ensure each protein has a complete COA report and high quality. CUSABIO's purified proteins surpass 90% purity as detected by SDS-PAGE analysis.
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Signalway Antibody Protein

Signalway Antibody Protein in Malaysia
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ICL Protein

ICL Protein in Malaysia
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