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Megazyme is an internationally leading bio lab company known far and wide innovative research in bio scientific products and medicine. Megazyme is located in bray and through its dedicated and passionate researches Megazyme Malaysia is best known for its analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits and Megazyme’s products have found its application in a diverse range of industries, including food and beverages, biofuel, animal feed, wine and brewing, dairy, and cereals. Megazyme’s success is based on its core of advanced cutting-edge research and innovation globally recognized by the scientific community. Megazyme Malaysia is at its pinnacle in its novel test methods and reagents, developed by scientists for scientists worldwide, and also Megazyme is able to develop, manufacture, and supply products for laboratories around the world. Megazyme is known for producing a vast number of industry-standard products, best-in-class service and also Megazyme Malaysia supports its end-users and distributors, including technical advice straight from its researchers and expedited delivery to 220 countries worldwide Megazyme strictly follows international regulatory institutes and its methods of testing is validated and approved both as in chemically and ethically. Over the years Megazyme Malaysia has received numerous appreciation and recognition from scientific associations and industry bodies internationally for its validated testing and global research. Megazyme was founded in 1988 in Bray, Wick low and over the years Megazyme Malaysia continues to grow on its way towards its dream of being on the pinnacle of medical science and shaping a better and healthy future for humanity Megazyme research efforts have always been focused to create products suitable for a wide range of industries. At Megazyme, we have leveraged our expertise in food, enzymes and beverage research like cereals, wine, enzyme tablets, etc. Megazyme’s products are primarily used by producers and scientists in the food, feed, dairy, wine, and fermentation industries. Megazyme’s enzyme test tablets have been adopted by enzyme manufacturers around the world as part of their quality control processes. A little about brains behind Megazyme Malaysia Founder - Barry McCleary CEO - Prof. Barry McCleary, Prof. Barry McCleary received his Ph.D. in 1975 from the University of Sydney, and DScAgr degree in 1989 from the same University