1MalaysiaBioLab the scientific company in malaysia is formed as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for Malaysian University’s Researchers and Students to purchase Scientific Consumables conveniently from world market with risk transferred to company. From your order till delivery, our personnel will be in touch with update
1MalaysiaBioLab the scientific company in malaysia is owned by DZC Marketing(SA 0093201-D), a Bumiputera Company and registered under Ministry of Finance with formidable track record Malaysian Public Universities.

We represent products of established scientific company in malaysia who are market leaders in their respective fields.

1MalaysiaBioLab was setup to ensure Antibodies and Reagents are of genuine quality and they are manufactured following strict standard in production by well established scientific company in malaysia. These Antibodies and Reagents are imported and delivered direct to Researchers & Students in Universities all over Malaysia.

Order your products confidently and we guarantee secure delivery at your doorstep.

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  • If it is an urgent order, call us. We can deliver your product first and wait for Purchase Order from your university.